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Marty Moore: Sales Sage

Having recently celebrated his 27th anniversary with Bay Cities, we wanted to sit down with sales superstar Marty Moore and learn what keeps him comin...

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Introducing the Spartan: Bay Cities' Ultimate Solution for Swift and Uniform Cartoning

In the world of packaging, precision, speed, and versatility is paramount. Bay Cities, a leader in innovative packaging solutions, understands this al...

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Focusing on Sustainability with Water-Based Inks in Printing

The introduction of water-based inks has brought a significant change in the corrugate world recently. In the past, most printers used solvent-based i...

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Inflation Should Be the April Fools Joke, But It's Not

We are still driving hard with retail sales in America. We know for certain ecommerce blew up in 2020 and in 2021 online sales drove towards an estima...

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A Sustainable Adhesive’s Life Cycle

Toxic waste spills have unfortunately become a frequent occurrence throughout our communities. From oil to lead to mercury, there are no positive bene...

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We came into 2022 with a nice, continued drive of business and a promising forecast of continued strength. This was indicated by my forward leading ec...

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Emergency at the Ports

Wow! We just got news that there are now 100 ships parked outside of the Port of LA and Long Beach. This came from our local Channel 7 News (I will NO...

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Reindeers Solving Port Issues

Wednesday, Uncle Joe got up and told the nation we are going to get the ports to work 24 hours a day and get the ports unclogged. He has worked with r...

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How Much is that Big Mac?

I sat through a Merrill Lynch briefing on “What could happen in our economy next?” feature. Once again, they are all bought in on the fact that Transi...

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Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Packaging has always been a staple of marketing for brands, but recently packaging is even more important than ever with customers ordering more onlin...

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