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What is Purposeful Packaging?

When it comes to releasing a product, packaging plays a critical role.

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Sustainability | Packaging

What Makes Packaging Sustainable?

“Sustainability” is one of the biggest priorities of our times. It’s also become one of the biggest trends (and buzzwords!) in the packaging industry.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging | Sustainability | Packaging

The Pros and Cons of Sustainable Packaging

While we’re all doing our part to protect the planet, this doesn’t mean that making more environmentally conscious choices is easy.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging | Sustainability | Packaging

What Is Frustration-Free Packaging and Why Does It Matter

Opening a package may not seem like a big deal — until you encounter one that you feel like you need a degree in rocket science to open, that is. Ente...

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Focusing on Sustainability with Water-Based Inks in Printing

The introduction of water-based inks has brought a significant change in the corrugate world recently. In the past, most printers used solvent-based i...

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Creative Services at Bay Cities

Bay Cities has expanded their offerings to now include a full menu of creative services for their clients. With an emphasis on working from concept to...

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Sustainability | Digital Printing | Packaging Industry | Adhesives

A Sustainable Adhesive’s Life Cycle

Toxic waste spills have unfortunately become a frequent occurrence throughout our communities. From oil to lead to mercury, there are no positive bene...

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Structural Design | Sustainability | Corrugated Packaging | ISTA Testing

ISTA Testing: Is Your Brand Sustainable?

With online purchases becoming more of the norm for everyday necessities, all it takes is a few simple clicks and your time-sensitive, recurring, friv...

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Sustainability | Retail Displays | Corrugated Display

Advantages of Corrugated Pallet Displays in Retail Stores

Did you know that 60% of promotional displays aren’t executed correctly*? When those displays are correctly set up and stocked, sales increase by 193%...

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Sustainability | Corrugated Packaging | Corrugated Boxes

Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Packaging in 2021

Think about this for a moment: every product you purchase is packaged in some way, shape, or form—and it should go without saying that some packaging ...

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Packaging Design | Sustainability | Corrugated Packaging | Design Services

Designing a high quality, sustainable Industrial Corrugated Box

The general perception of an industrial package is a rudimentary cardboard shipping box with use of a single color, but that is old school. Boxes of y...

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Eco-Friendly Packaging | Sustainability | Corrugated Packaging | Corrugated Display | Corrugated Boxes

Sustainable Advantages of Corrugate

Eco friendly packaging is growing in popularity, and corrugated packaging is arguably the most sustainable packaging on the market. Corrugate has seve...

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