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What Makes Corrugate and Paper Packaging Food Safe?

Ensuring safety for food packaging is very important and here at Bay Cities, we take that very seriously. We are proud owners of a C500 digital printe...

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What is the Difference Between Corrugated & Paperboard?

Corrugated and paperboard are similar yet different materials used in packaging. Though both materials are commonly used for packaging, they have uniq...

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The History of Digital Printing on Corrugate, Pt. 4

As told by Michael Musgrave, COO, Bay Cities You’ve made it! This is the last of a 4-part blog about the world of digital printing on corrugated! You ...

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Focusing on Sustainability with Water-Based Inks in Printing

The introduction of water-based inks has brought a significant change in the corrugate world recently. In the past, most printers used solvent-based i...

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The History of Digital Printing on Corrugate: Part 1

Digital printing on corrugate has come a long way since it was a mere idea decades ago. But as we’ve made our way forward using upgraded technology to...

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We came into 2022 with a nice, continued drive of business and a promising forecast of continued strength. This was indicated by my forward leading ec...

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The Fed, Tequila, Ships and PT Boats

Reuters reported on September 8th that the US economy “downshifted slightly” in August according to the Beige Book. “The deceleration in economic acti...

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The Perfect Storm Keeps Improving

Linerboard supply is very tight across America today. We are waiting for another shoe to drop here in boxland. So far it has been raining shoes and wh...

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From Physical to Electronic with Accounting

A successful business relationship includes proper due diligence. Starting with the onboarding phase, Accounting provides our clients with a financial...

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