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How to Design Packaging for Amazon's SIPP Program

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, Amazon continues to set the bar. One example?

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Navigating the Role of Creativity in Packaging and Display Strategies

Effective product packaging and displays can make or break your brand. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook and undervalue packaging because we focus ...

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G7 Certification: The Gold Standard for Digital Printing Excellence

Color management is a critical priority for brands in today’s competitive marketplace.

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What Are Gable Boxes & How To Use Them

People interact with packaging every day. In many cases, they might not even think twice about it.

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Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Packaging has always been a staple of marketing for brands, but recently packaging is even more important than ever with customers ordering more onlin...

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A Guide to Retail Display Boxes

From the moment a customer approaches the store, they are bombarded by advertisements. As they approach the store shelves, they see hundreds of exampl...

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7 Tips for Designing Your Retail Packaging Boxes

Have you ever ordered something and felt immediate disappointment when you received it? Without trying it out or even seeing the item itself, you coul...

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Designing a high quality, sustainable Industrial Corrugated Box

The general perception of an industrial package is a rudimentary cardboard shipping box with use of a single color, but that is old school. Boxes of y...

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Bay Cities Will Be at the University of La Verne Career Fair!

Bay Cities is excited to announce that we will be at the University of La Verne Career and Internship Fair on April 2nd. We will be hunting for talent...

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Flair and Creativity from our Structural Designers

At Bay Cities, we’re all about the flair our employee owners bring to the table. This month, we are spotlighting our fun, innovative Structural Design...

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