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Digital Printing | ISTA Testing

How Bay Cities Uses Technology to Create an Engaging Shopping Experience

The Changing Landscape of Shopping In an era of rapid technological advancement, technology integration has become imperative for survival in the dyna...

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Eco-Friendly Packaging | Sustainability

Kraft Boxes – Where Sustainability Meets Style!

In a world that's becoming increasingly conscious of the environment and the impact of our choices, even the simplest decisions can make a significant...

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Packout | Supply Chain

A Packout Facility That’s Secure, Sustainable, and Strategically Located

Dare we say it? Holidays are around the corner, and as the year marches on, thoughts of festive gatherings, celebrations, and holiday shopping fill th...

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Corrugated | Corrugated Boxes

What is the Difference Between Corrugated & Paperboard?

Corrugated and paperboard are similar yet different materials used in packaging. Though both materials are commonly used for packaging, they have uniq...

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Sustainability | Industry Trends

Responsible Forestry with FSC® Certifications

Forests cover roughly 31% of the Earth’s land surface and are an important part of our daily lives. Not only do they provide oxygen, clean water, and ...

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Employee Owned | ESOP

Bay Cities Celebrates New Fiscal Year Kick Off 2024!

As the HR Director of Strategic People Operations, I'm proud to share that Bay Cities follows the tradition of selecting a theme that encapsulates our...

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Eco-Friendly Packaging | Sustainability | ISTA Testing

Wine Bottle Shipping: How to Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable packaging is important for over half of Americans when making a wine selection. Additionally, 48% of wine drinkers pay attention to what t...

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Sustainability | Packaging

How to Read Sustainability Symbols

An increasingly important factor in fueling purchasing decisions, sustainability continues to be a top priority for today’s consumers. According to Ni...

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Corrugated Display | Design Services

5 Corrugated Display Designs We Love + Why

Point of purchase (POP) and point of sale (POS) displays are invaluable tools for marketers looking to showcase products, attract attention, drive bra...

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Brown Boxes | Retail Packaging | Corrugated Packaging

What Are the Different Types of Corrugated Linerboard?

If you're not familiar with the packaging industry, it's easy to assume that all corrugated boxes are the same. However, this couldn't be further from...

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Digital Printing | Employee Owned | Digital Printing Process | Operations | Safety | Quality | Production

Women in Manufacturing: Meet Jazmin, Bay Cities’ Oppliger Operator

The manufacturing industry is known to contribute a substantial amount of money to the US economy, as much as $2.81 trillion reported in Q4 of 2022. I...

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Sustainability | Packaging

What Makes Shipping Packaging Sustainable?

When we think of the characteristics associated with good product packaging, qualities like protective, durable, functional, cost-effective, and conve...

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