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Flair and Creativity from our Structural Designers

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Flair and Creativity from our Structural Designers

At Bay Cities, we’re all about the flair our employee owners bring to the table. This month, we are spotlighting our fun, innovative Structural Designers. Our Structural Designers are at the cusp of the creative process for our imaginative products. Their passion and drive are behind the execution of the whimsical, creative POP displays and corrugated packaging you’ve come to expect from Bay Cities

Whether they are sketching an idea or imagining the shape of your POP display, our structural designers always keep fun and creativity at the heart of all they do. Not only do they consider where the art and messaging should go to stop customers in their tracks, but they ensure your product weight and size are perfect for the corrugated POP display you dreamed of putting in retailers.

Our Structural Designers will concoct a way to make your POP display sturdy without taking away from showcasing your product. Walking through the department on any given day, you may find someone measuring a pallet display, redoing a line drawing or discussing how to expand or make a POP display compact to fit the retail space. No challenge is ever too big for them to take on as they succeed in creating unique, unmatched POP displays and retail packaging. 

Our Structural Designers work to make the imagined image of the POP display become real and tangible. We thrive on their out-of-the-box ideas that make corrugated packaging and POP displays work for your brand, your product and the retailer.

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