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A Guide to Retail Display Boxes

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A Guide to Retail Display Boxes

From the moment a customer approaches the store, they are bombarded by advertisements. As they approach the store shelves, they see hundreds of examples of product packaging and dozens of signs, displays, tags, and more. One of the best ways for brands to stand out on the shelf from the surrounding competition is by creating an effective and eye-catching retail packaging box.

Benefits of Retail Display Boxes

Using retail display boxes is one way to showcase the product and increase the space available for marketing messages. Retail display boxes can help products look better on the shelf and make your product easier to ship. Retail packaging allows you to print directly on the box itself, which offers a number of different surfaces that can hold product images, marketing messages, brand logos, or prices without needing other display materials.

Ideal for Logos

You don’t always want your logo directly on your product. Even when you incorporate your logo on your product, you don’t necessarily make it bold because you are concerned about the product’s overall design or you don’t want the logo to be obnoxious. The retail box is the perfect place to put your logo out there loud and clear.

Boxes are also ideal for additional information, like special promotions, social media handles and hashtags, ways to contact you if the customer has a question or concern, and any other special information about a product’s formulation or contents.

Protects Product

Products that aren’t in individual packaging risk damage or exposure during the shipping and handling process. Retail boxes will help ensure your products stay safe and clean on their trip from the warehouse to the store. Retail box packaging can also help keep your product brand new and safe from accidental damage by browsers or stockers.

5 Tips for Retail Packaging Boxes

The retail display box should be designed to highlight your product. Here are some tips for eye-catching packaging.

Bright & Colorful

Choose colors that are going to pop in the store and still work well to complement your brand and product.

Trending color palettes can help grab the eyes of your customers—especially the ones who are younger and paying attention to the trends. Older, more classic colors are more likely to attract older customers. Bright colors are more likely to snag the eye of a child.

Clear Message

Don’t get overly complex. Keep your message clear and simple to influence the consumer and not overwhelm them. Too much messaging might cause them to just block the product mentally so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Keep the detailed, smaller text on the back, bottom, or sides of the box.

Unique Shape

With cardboard printing solutions, you can make your retail box into many different shapes. Cardboard is easy to print, cost-effective, and lightweight. So long as your packaging fits with the retailer and on the shelf, you can definitely think outside the box on this one!

Know Your Audience (And Your Competition)

You need to know who you are trying to attract—AND who you are trying to beat out. Really get to know your top customers and start building buyer personas who give a clear picture of what they like and what they need. Make sure you also get a good feel for the nearby competitors so your brand truly stands apart.

Hire a Design Professional

If you really want a great product that stands out, look no further! With more than 60 years of experience, Bay Cities Packaging & Design team can help you create the kind of retail box packaging that stands out on the shelf, appeals to the customer, and protects your goods.

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