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Where Are We Now?

The headlines all over are trying to trick us into believing that everything is just fine and that we are working through all the bottlenecks in our s...

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The Importance of Sustainability for Your Brand’s Packaging & How to Get Started

Sustainability and finding ways to protect the planet are priorities for consumers, brands, and retailers alike. Consumers are increasingly looking fo...

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New & Notable in Major Retailers: October Update

Keeping note of how major brands interact with their customers can give you a better idea of how they’re adapting to meet modern needs. We’ll look at ...

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Emergency at the Ports

Wow! We just got news that there are now 100 ships parked outside of the Port of LA and Long Beach. This came from our local Channel 7 News (I will NO...

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Packaging Industry | Logistics | Supply Chain

Reindeers Solving Port Issues

Wednesday, Uncle Joe got up and told the nation we are going to get the ports to work 24 hours a day and get the ports unclogged. He has worked with r...

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How Retail Displays Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Considering retail displays for your marketing strategy? While the process of getting a display program with a retailer may seem daunting (especially ...

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The Fed, Tequila, Ships and PT Boats

Reuters reported on September 8th that the US economy “downshifted slightly” in August according to the Beige Book. “The deceleration in economic acti...

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Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing & Engaging Your Customers Across Their Buying Journey

Most consumers don’t give a lot of thought to what’s happening behind the scenes when they buy a product from a bricks-and-mortar or online store. But...

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Sustainability | Retail Displays | Corrugated Display

Advantages of Corrugated Pallet Displays in Retail Stores

Did you know that 60% of promotional displays aren’t executed correctly*? When those displays are correctly set up and stocked, sales increase by 193%...

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Retail Programs | Retail Displays

Identifying the Best-Fit Retailers for Your Brand

If you’re thinking about expanding your brand into brick-and-mortar retail stores, finding the right retailer for your brand and its products is criti...

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Corrugated Packaging | Packaging Industry | Logistics

How Much is that Big Mac?

I sat through a Merrill Lynch briefing on “What could happen in our economy next?” feature. Once again, they are all bought in on the fact that Transi...

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Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Packaging has always been a staple of marketing for brands, but recently packaging is even more important than ever with customers ordering more onlin...

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