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From Physical to Electronic with Accounting

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From Physical to Electronic with Accounting

A successful business relationship includes proper due diligence. Starting with the onboarding phase, Accounting provides our clients with a financial package that includes, our new account credit application, terms and conditions, consent to obtain credit information, California resale certificate requirement summary and form, W-9, photo release, bill and hold agreement, and Bay Cities’ banking information for Wire and ACH/EFT payments. This not only ensures that our clients are set up properly in our system, but also that both parties have come to an agreement with the details and terms of the goods and services transactions that will be taking place.

Sales transactions are not complete until the cash is collected. To help facilitate this process, and to make sure our clients are comfortable and confident with the remittances of our invoices, Accounting can provide the Purchase Order, Invoice Copy, shipping details and any related information necessary to the transaction. Our invoices also include our latest banking information, offering you various payment options: by check, wire, or ACH/EFT. We seek to make this process as easy for our clients as possible.

We, your Accounting team, are first and foremost human, and we understand that mistakes can happen. If there is ever a dispute with the invoices, shipment, delivery, product etc., you can always defer to us as the liaisons to initiate the process for a solution. Accounting works with each department within Bay Cities and is a good initial contact to connect our clients to the best personnel to address any inquiries.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Accounting team, like most departments, made adjustments in our day-to-day and general processes. We converted our physical documentation to an electronic format. Some of the Accounting department’s team members are now working remotely. As such, we have and continue to encourage our customers to be set up for electronic payment. This not only reduces labor and material cost for you, it also provides an easily accessible audit trail for remittances. We have assimilated and expanded our use of a variety of telecommunication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex and are happy to connect with you to address any issues that need to be discussed live. Lastly, we are proud that we have conducted our first purely remote financial audit with our third-party auditors for fiscal year ending 2020! We are confident that we provide the most accurate financial statements as needed.

Going into 2021, Accounting plans to continue with the shift towards electronic functions. We will continue to provide any form of support and communication necessary to our customers to make the financial transactions as seamless as possible. Your Accounting Team is here for you to make your business transactions as easy as possible, so you can focus on bringing your products to market in amazing packaging and displays.

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