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Bay Cities Values Passion

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Bay Cities Values Passion

Bay Cities Passion

At Bay Cities, we live and breathe passion for providing the best shopper marketing techniques, technology, POP displays and packaging to our customers. We have the heart to execute for our customers with a caring and positive attitude.

Passion is a core value at Bay Cities that defines the enthusiasm our employee owners have for the packaging industry and our loyal customers. The passion we have as an Employee-Owned company touches every aspect of our work and every team that comprises Bay Cities.

Our Human Resources team searches for the talented and creative geniuses who have a passion for growth and an entrepreneurial mindset that leads to fervor in expanding Bay Cities as a whole. We always say that you can teach skills, but you can’t teach passion!

As Employee Owners, our passion is derived from the fact that we own it. We know that the key to Bay Cities’ success is dependent on our own individual drive and sense of responsibility for what we do.

Passion, an inherent value, is exhibited company-wide whether from Packout to Finance, passion runs through our corporate DNA.

How Bay Cities Exudes Passion

As the leading creative packaging and display partner to brand marketers, retailers and e-commerce, our passion drives the innovation and retail knowledge our customers need to set their brand and products apart on the shelf or online.

Our Customer Service manager explains, “the customer always comes first. We will do whatever it takes to execute their projects flawlessly.”

“Every second matters and we hold each client program from a sidekick POP display to a full train display as the utmost priority,” notes our Packout team.

Our Finance team says, “working hard for something you love is called passion.” At Bay Cities, we enjoy the effort and process to execute unique packaging and displays because of the love we have for the industry and ensuring our clients achieve their branding and retail goals. Our Human Resources team notes that our mantra is, “we love what we do and we do what we love.”

Taking Ownership

Achieving our clients’ goals holds a different significance for us as an Employee-Owned company because with our clients’ success, comes our own. We reflect our passion in our work and with our clients because we take ownership of every client and every project.

Employee ownership builds independence and empowers employees to ensure we all support each other while striving to accomplish effective shopper marketing, POP displays and packaging for our clients.

The Project Management team states, “showing our clients that their success is the most important and leading with passion are the main factors for Bay Cities’ success.”

They continue, “we own it, we love it and we live it!”

Staying Passionate and Informed

The packaging industry is an unknown niche to many, so it can quickly become apparent if you are not passionate and informed. Our Sales team creates partnerships with clients to detail the entire process and grow their business. They are guided by their expertise and passion for sharing their industry knowledge with clients to simplify the journey into retail and packaging and display options for them.

We work hand in hand with our clients to provide unique and specialized solutions that capture their creative concepts for their brand and make them a reality through our passionate execution.

Delivering excellence is the highest priority for all of Bay Cities, whether on Creative or in Operations. To be excellent, you must exude passion at every turn.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on the integrity that drives Bay Cities!

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