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Bay Cities Values Creativity

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Bay Cities Values Creativity

As the leading creative packaging and display partner to brand marketers, retailers and eCommerce, we create client success through creative products, programs and services.

Creativity, defined as the use of imagination or original idea, is a core value at Bay Cities. Creativity doesn’t end with our Design and Structural teams producing the artwork you see on shelves or online. At Bay Cities, we insert creativity into every facet of the company and are encouraged to think outside the box. Every employee exercises creativity in their daily responsibilities, no matter their department, role or expertise.

From Human Resources to Customer Service to Operations, Bay Cities strives for creativity in problem-solving through ideas and customer projects company-wide.

How We Inject Creativity into Our Work

Our company is filled with talented and creative geniuses! Our Human Resources department makes the hunt for new employees exciting, colorful and engaging to attract the individuals that embody a creative, entrepreneurial spirt.

Customer Service and Project Managers manage projects through design, systems and pack out. They put on their creative hats to achieve a certain look or concept with the customer’s art, desired structure and printing process while hitting a specific budget.

Creativity goes into overdrive when we are rushing to beat a timeline. We will find inventive solutions that can be done within the timeframe. “We like to have challenges and do what others can’t do. There aren’t many packaging and display companies like us that would take a creative, out-of-this-world concept and come up with a way to execute it,” says our Customer Service Manager. He continues, “we run creative packaging and displays that no one else can!”

Since a lot of our POP displays and corrugated packaging are custom pieces, we adjust quickly and flexibly without compromising quality. In Operations, they say, “when plan A doesn’t go accordingly, we create plan B!”

Our Pack Out and Fulfillment teams revisit their processes and procedures regularly to ensure we work in the most efficient way possible and get POP displays and corrugated packaging to our customers in time. “Jumping through flaming hoops is our specialty when it is necessary to meet client’s needs,” says the Pack Out team.

Quality is the job of all at Bay Cities. Our Quality department develops visual aides to help everyone understand processes and create engaging training environments for employees.

Creative thinking and problem-solving are strong traits in the individuals who join Bay Cities as Employee Owners. We look to foster growth in those with a visionary mentality and ingenious capabilities to propel the company towards more innovation in the packaging industry.

As our Talent Acquisition Manager states, “academia turns people into employees. At Bay Cities, we recruit and educate to turn employees into business owners.”

Creativity is an essential ingredient in our continued growth and innovation. We strive to collaborate and execute our customer’s projects as a team, across departments.

Working cohesively with Design and Operations, our Project Managers explain, “we interact with every department and in doing so, we allow ideas from all departments to mesh as one.”

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on the passion that drives Bay Cities!


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