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Flair and Fun from our Human Resources Team

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Flair and Fun from our Human Resources Team

At Bay Cities, our Human Resources department hunts for the talent and flair that are the backbone of our amazing teams. This fun, dynamic team is not your typical HR department. Their passion sets the standard and foundation for everything that is Bay Cities. As strategic partners, our HR team shares a passion and excitement for finding the best of the best while fostering career growth. Their goal is to hire top talent that will not only drive our brand but create and develop the best corrugated products for our clients. They also have fun doing it! 😊

Our HR department works tirelessly to ensure that our employee-owners are fulfilled and growing in their careers. At Bay Cities, we have a unique 100-Day Training Plan that provides new Employee Owners with exposure and education to each individual department. New hires have the unmatched opportunity to train with different departments and get a feel for what every Bay Cities employee contributes to our overall success.

Everyone at Bay Cities is encouraged to share their knowledge with new employees. Some of our employee-owners have been here for over 30 years and they have plenty to share! We understand that the company’s success comes from the success of our employees, so we are all happy to help new Bay Citizens.

Knowledge and Enthusiasm

Having a flair for engaging employees on a personal and professional level, they encourage and support our many departments to continuously grow professionally and exceed customer expectations to grow our share value. The Human Resources team encourages and supports our many departments and is a constant source of knowledge and enthusiasm.

On the first day of orientation, Human Resources shares how we are all unique and creative. Bay Cities looks for individuals who are lifelong learners and go beyond the norm with an entrepreneurial spirit. Though qualifications and experience are important, being a cultural fit with a unique spark will make one successful at the Bay.

Our Human Resources Department embodies our values (creativity, passion, integrity, responsibility, safety, and fun). Whether responsibly partnering with management, creatively recruiting new employees, passionately developing the team or honorably handling policy changes, they take their responsibility as employee very seriously. They look for fun, passionate ways to build and grow Bay Cities.

Career Fair Flair

HR brings the flair when representing Bay Cities at career fairs and events. Through colorful schemes, fun product examples, and their distinct personalities, our Human Resources department creates a career fair experience that is entirely out-of-the-box. Attracting talented and creative geniuses to the Bay is one of their favorite ways to share their passion for our brand, company and the corrugated packaging industry.

We will be at local career fairs from March through April, doing what we do best. Our fantastic HR team is looking forward to meeting with you and discussing a bright future at the Bay. From sales careers to operations to IT to paid internships, we have positions in every department you can imagine.

If you would like to join our unique teams, please apply here or visit www.bay-cities.com/careers for more information.

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