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Flair and Innovation from our Creative Department

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Flair and Innovation from our Creative Department

With a flair for the unique, our Creative team is the innovative backbone of Bay Cities. Our Structural and Graphic Designers imagine and bring to life corrugated packaging and POP displays. The Designers ensure the retail packaging or POP display has structural integrity and accomplishes the goal of the brand. From original 3D renderings of artistic POP displays to custom cut brown boxes to creative art layout, it all happens at Bay Cities.

Even though we are in the digital age, we still start each project with a pencil sketch on paper. It gets the creative juices flowing and hand drawings are an easily adaptable way to get a lot of ideas down quickly. The concept begins with 3D art that the Structural Designers will take to build the POP display or corrugated packaging in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Structural Designers are not only creative but will ensure that the shape and size sustain the weight of the products during cross-country transit. 3D renderings provide guidance for our Structural Designers and allow our Sales team to propose and easily communicate creative concepts to our customers.

When the corrugated packaging or POP display has been tested by our Structural Designers and approved by our customers, our Graphic Designers will take it to the next step and place artwork. Art can either come from the client to be adapted to fit the structure and printing process, or Bay Cities will create original artwork to best showcase the structure and brand’s messaging. Through our Design Validation service, art and messaging can be substantiated and optimized to increase ROI and campaign confidence. Our Graphic Designers are an incredible resource for color matching and multi-channel printing insights.

An intense passionate drive spurs the ingenuity and imagination exemplified by our Creative team. Their knack for seeing the possibilities and ideating means each design will be a unique solution that shines at major retailers or on a consumer’s doorstep.

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