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What is a Floor Display?

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What is a Floor Display?

Advertising to your customers when they’re already inside a store is a great way to build brand awareness and boost your bottom line. To do so, you need an eye-catching display that quickly communicates what’s special about your product or products and the brand itself.

Floor displays put your items right in front of the eyes of shoppers, helping to put them in the mindset to buy from you when they’re already in shopping mode. When placed in a central location, you’re assured maximum exposure to shoppers as they move through the store.

Floor displays are free-standing fixtures, which you can customize so they are unique to your brand or an upcoming marketing campaign.

Customizing a Retail Floor Display

Not only does a customized retail floor display help you stand out from other products and brands, it can help you get the items into the store more quickly and efficiently.

For example, as compared to conventional signage, such as a shelf talker, you can actually pre-load a floor display with products. Then, it’s simply a matter of delivering it to the store and setting it down in place, hopefully in a high traffic area so you’ll get plenty of exposure.

Floor displays can be temporary in nature, semi-permanent, or permanent, depending on the arrangement you work out with stores. They tell in an instant what’s special about your products.

Generally, floor displays in the retail space serve two functions, holding items and explaining them to customers as they circulate through the retail space. But displays may also be free-standing advertisements only, promoting your image. For an example of a display that gets the message across without holding actual products, have a look at the display we created for Core.

Floor displays are typically placed in stores, but they’re also quite useful for increasing visibility at events, such as at trade shows and conferences.

At Bay Cities Packaging & Design, we can build bespoke displays for clients using a range of materials. We can incorporate different materials into your display, and our designers will go over the details about the display’s size and shape, making sure it is made from the appropriate material for your use case.

The material used for displays is dependent on how long the display will be in stores. For example, corrugate is often used for temporary displays that’ll be in stores for a few weeks to months. Semi-permanent displays, which are in stores for six months to two years, are often made of a combination of materials to stand up to use while keeping in mind they’ll need to be recycled later. A permanent display, which remains in store for at least one year, is made of strong material to keep the display beautiful and functional for the long term.

To learn more about material options currently available and which type might be best for your display campaign, please get in touch with our team today for a consultation.

What is it About Your Products That Attracts Customers?

Determining what the unique value is that you’re offering to consumers is part of the process of creating great branding for your product line, as well as a necessary component for packaging and displays.

For the Wine Society, we developed a free-standing display that’s visible from multiple sides, showing customers enjoying the product while also serving as a pre-loaded container from which to grab bottles in customer impulse buys. Placing your product in a display that shows people using it puts customers in the frame of mind to buy and use it, on the spot.

Candy maker Pocky wanted to highlight its products for seasonal sales, so we created a unique standee floor display, made in the shape of a Christmas tree that utilized holiday themes and the Pocky branding.

Turbo Scrub wanted a bold look showing its cleaning product, so we built a large boxy display with shelving that holds the product accessible from the front. The sides had large marketing images to grab customer attention and instantly explain what the product does.

Fast food company Taco Bell had a new flavor they wanted to get the word out to people. We sat down with them and came up with a floor display replete with enormous corn chips to show off a new Reaper Ranch flavor

You can hang different SKUs of your product inside a floor display, which is the approach we adopted for a “Food Is Always Epic” display promoting pizza-flavored jerky in 7/11 retail stores. There’s bold imagery and slogans decorating the display, with products hanging inside in the middle of it.

From Brainstorming to Finished Display

Our team begins by meeting with you to go over the concept and design for your floor display. Then we create a structural design and do a mockup. At this point, it’s time to print to produce the display elements.

Our team uses computer-aided design equipment to cut the display out, so it’s exactly the size and shape envisioned by the design team. Then, depending on your specific program needs, we assemble displays in our facility before shipping or we ship them out as flat as possible—which saves on shipping costs. When displays are shipped flat, easy assembly is important for staff putting displays together at retail locations.

Creating Your Own Floor Display With Help From Experts

Moving more units in the retail environment is a goal you’ve been working toward for some time now, and it looks like setting up a customized floor display is your best path forward. A unique display is essential for attracting customers’ attention and showcasing what you have on offer. See our video about a display we developed for Scouts Comics, which demonstrates how the design process works for floor displays.

See The Floor Display Design Process

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