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9 Benefits of Corrugate for Retail Displays

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9 Benefits of Corrugate for Retail Displays

Looking for the perfect retail packaging boxes or retail display boxes? There are a number of reasons why corrugate is an ideal material for many temporary displays and boxes.

Corrugate is a sturdy and versatile material for retail displays. While not recommended for permanent displays, it is a great option for temporary display solutions. In this blog, we’ll cover some key benefits of cardboard for retail displays.

1. Versatile

You can choose from an extremely wide variety of displays with corrugate. You really won’t be limited in size and shape. Corrugated cardboard can be assembled into larger shapes, printed in large sections, or cut down to small sections.

With the right design, you can use corrugate to display nearly anything. Even with heavy products, corrugate can be set up in a structure that supports the items. It can be cut, glued, and assembled in just about any shape. You can easily add labels or branded stickers to refresh your packaging.

2. Lightweight

Corrugated cardboard is strong without being heavy. Unlike plywood or vinyl, cardboard can be very light and still be very strong. This makes your display easy to move, which is a valuable feature as displays are often moved to different parts of the stores based on what else is being featured.

3. Cost Effective

Corrugate is a cost effective material. You can create fully customized boxes for just a few dollars, depending on the size and complexity. It is an easy material to ship as well, since it is so lightweight. That makes it less expensive to order and get to the retail store for setup.

4. Sustainable

Corrugated cardboard is easily sourced, but it is also easily broken down. Cardboard won’t take years to break down in the landfill. It takes corrugate about three months to break down and decompose. It can also be recycled to make recycled cardboard or paper products for other uses.

To take this even further, you can use vegetable inks to further reduce pollution levels. Vegetable-based inks can be washed off during recycling.

5. Easy to Assemble

You need a display that is easy for retailers to assemble. Product displays that take a lot of time or are too complicated are likely to be rushed. If your display is overly complex, you might end up with a sloppy rush job that doesn’t look great or falls apart.

6. Agile to Design

Because corrugate displays aren’t extremely expensive or hard to put together, they offer a quick turnaround. You can change out your display designs whenever you want to refresh your approach. That makes it a really great option for testing out new products or displaying limited-edition products. Changes can quickly be made if there is an issue or something changes in your sales approach.

7. Fully Customizable

All flat sections in your design can be printed on. This makes the perfect ad space anywhere you have a flat surface on your retail display box. You can use this printing space to provide instructions for your wares, catchy advertisements, warning about potential issues, or highlighting special deals. You can make the display pop with your brand colors or the colors that work with the product, season, or space.

8. Attractive to Customers

Understanding your customer’s behavior is a big part of creating successful displays and packaging. While some customers are already looking for their favorite brands (out-of-store memory bases), other customers are being drawn in with in-store attention-grabbing factors.

One study from Alliance Center for Global Research and Development found that it was very difficult to rely on memory-based consumer pull and that brands needed to create a “visual lift” to grab in-store attention from passing shoppers. In a cluttered retail environment, the right retail box is able to create visual space on the shelf or pull the item entirely off the shelf and into a separate standing display.

The more you know your audience, the more pinpointed your design will be to attract them. Corrugate tends to offer a warmer and more inviting display than plastic or metal. People feel more comfortable approaching and browsing the standing cardboard display.

9. Variety of Options

There are so many materials you can choose from for your next retail box design. Corrugated cardboard is an extremely popular choice for POP displays, but Falcon board can be used as well. Choose from matte, white, or kraft finishes with options for printing on one or both sides.

If you aren’t sold on corrugate, you can choose from vinyl, acrylic, styrene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), foam core, UltraBoard, Aluminum, MDF wood, and more. Our wide variety of choices means that you can find the right option to support any look or POP display design.

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