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7 Retail Display Ideas To Boost Your Creativity in 2023

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7 Retail Display Ideas To Boost Your Creativity in 2023

Retail display is about getting noticed — which is why doing the same old thing is never good enough. What was good enough today is unlikely to be good enough tomorrow. That’s why creativity is critical when maximizing your retail display program.

Ready to entice customers and shoppers with your retail display design this year? Here's a roundup of seven creative display ideas and key takeaways for brands.

1. Invest in interactivity

In the wake of the pandemic, today’s consumers require more than static experiences. They need a reason to return to stores, and they prioritize high-quality and fulfilling in-store experiences. 72% of consumers expect their brick-and-mortar shopping experiences to include significant interactivity compared to just 60% before COVID, according to one survey.

The takeaway for brands? In order not just to engage consumers but to merely meet their expectations, you need to draw them in. Incorporating interactivity into your retail display is one of the most effective ways to do so. From providing entertainment to using digital methods to guide the in-store experience and encourage shoppers to try your products, there are many ways to make your display more interactive and effective.

And don’t forget that interactivity involves much more than sight. Engaging other senses, like sound and touch, can bring a display to life while prompting a purchase. One way to introduce interactivity to a display is using a QR code. This is a simple way most shoppers are familiar with to give them access to ingredient information, a coupon code, an augmented reality experience, or a fun mini-game!

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2. Think outside the box

While retail displays often incorporate racks and shelving for display, there are many outside-the-box ways to showcase your products and services to marketing-weary consumers.

Just be sure that whatever display form you use aligns with your brand. Every element of your display should build on your brand story. If not, it can end up doing more harm than good by confusing customers and reducing loyalty.

One creative strategy? Turn your merchandise into art. Consider how you can use your products purposefully in your display to enhance and elevate them.

Thinking outside the box with your retail display can also be surprisingly simple. For example, rather than displaying products in a flat, two-dimensional format, elevate parts of your display to create visual interest and depth. Consider implementing some color psychology into your design to covertly evoke a specific response from shoppers. You might use yellow to stimulate appetite, for example, or — our favorite — use green to simulate nature and create calm for shoppers.

3. Make it Instagrammable

Just because customers opt for an in-store experience doesn’t mean they’re not still connected. On the contrary, many shoppers have their phones in hand while visiting retail stores. So why not use this behavior to your advantage by turning shoppers into brand ambassadors?

The instagrammable display is more than a pretty design. To make people want to share, you’ll have to do some storytelling with your display to evoke emotion and drive them to take action — share with their followers. One way to do this would be to get creative with your copy. Put on your best writing cap and craft witty, memorable messaging that’ll make shoppers smile and want to share!

Social sharability also adds an element of interactivity to your displays. If shoppers stop to take pictures or share on their story, they’re spending more time with the display and really looking at it. Draw people into a display for sharing with incentives like free samples or a coupon or rebate offer.

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4. Count on cross-merchandising

Displaying a single product type together may make sense on the surface, but in reality, it’s a missed opportunity. Enter cross-merchandising.

By displaying different but complementary products together, you make it easy for customers to visualize the ones that go together. You also make it easy for them to buy both at once — especially when a POP display conveniently catches their attention at the point of purchase.

5. Consider the kids

Kid-centric marketing doesn’t just need to be for toys and games. How can you engage kids with a display for snack foods, clothing, or even toothpaste? A display that engages kids can be a great learning opportunity for kids shopping with grownups. Even grownups shopping without the little ones can be engaged by a kid-centric display and consider your brand in a new light!

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6. Refresh and rotate

Today’s consumers have short attention spans. If you expect the same display to keep getting results, you will likely be disappointed. However, consistently changing your display can help you attract new and repeat customers.

With digital printing, refreshing the design of your displays is easier than ever — and can be done at a lower cost. Digital printing like we use at Bay Cities means we only need to update the digital design files and print instead of swapping around tooling and print plates.

Learn more about digital printing for retail displays.

On a similar note, seasonal retail displays can be incredibly effective. We’re not just talking about holiday displays related to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and back-to-school. Instead, consider the mindset of the consumer at any particular moment. From inclement weather to vacation planning, there are many ways to make your retail display more innovative, memorable, and valuable to shoppers.

7. Don’t just entertain, educate

Today’s consumers want to make the most informed purchases — so why not give it to them? When planning your retail display, take a few minutes to consider what information your target audience wants to know. Answering this question — and incorporating that sought-after information into your retail display through customizable digital printing — can help you seamlessly move customers forward on the buyer’s journey.

One last thing to keep in mind? Whether you embrace one or all of these retail display tips, your displays must communicate a compelling and consistent brand story. Certain retail merchandising strategies may be a better fit depending on your brand and products. Considering your unique goals — both for your brand and your display — can help optimize your results.

Looking to run a truly show-stopping retail display campaign in the next year? Look no further than Bay Cities Packaging and Design. Our friendly and experienced team claims a bounty of knowledge and experience related to retail and POP displays, retail and industrial packaging, signage, and more.

To learn more about the value of our strategic partnership in creating retail displays or to source retail display ideas, check out our portfolio today.

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