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Start Planning your 2024 In-Store Executions Today

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Start Planning your 2024 In-Store Executions Today

While online shopping has transformed the retail world, in-store experiences matter as much as ever. In fact, more than 85% of all grocery sales still take place in physical stores. Grocery isn’t the only industry where in-store shopping is prevalent!

The use of in-store marketing tools is crucial for businesses to increase brand awareness, promote products, and drive sales. As we approach 2024, have you planned your in-store executions for the upcoming year?

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at why in-store executions matter and the value of proactive planning. Then, we'll highlight how Bay Cities can help you maximize in-store executions with our engaging and innovative displays.

Why In-Store Executions Matter

Online shopping represents new opportunities for connecting brands and consumers. However, it’s far from replacing the retail shopping experience, as evidenced by the following statistics:

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  • 40% of consumers make in-store purchases weekly compared to just 27% who make online purchases
  • Physical stores are growing at a rate approaching 19%, while e-commerce store growth is closer to 14%
  • 80% of total retail sales happen in traditional retail stores

Given the data, it’s not surprising that in-store marketing remains a priority. However, it’s also important to underscore that the in-store retail shopping experience isn’t the same as it was 50, 20, or even five years ago. New consumer behaviors and technologies — including everything from the influence of online content on consumer decisions to QR codes on product packaging — have reinvented the customer journey, calling for new approaches to retail displays and other in-store executions.

The Benefits of Proactive Planning

Successful in-store executions involve much more than putting up a few displays and calling it a day. From merchandising to retailer negotiations, it comprises a spectrum of factors adding up to deliver ideal customer experiences.

This begs the question — one that should guide every step of your in-store execution planning process: What is the ideal customer experience, and how can you consistently deliver it across all of your products across many different retail stores?

According to Deloitte, execution is the above-and-beyond differentiating factor of a successful retail campaign. And yet, just 10% of companies can execute. Proactive planning is the best way to avoid ending up in the struggling 90%.

In addition to creating a thorough and detailed plan mapping out the ideal journey, you’ll also need to communicate this plan to retailers in a format that makes it easy to execute.

Finally, monitoring and analysis are essential to ensure that the plan is being executed properly and working as planned.

In sum, the earlier you get started on all of this, the greater the advantage you’ll gain over your competitors.

Furthermore, an early start can help you devise a timeline that addresses all major retail opportunities, such as back-to-school, the December holidays (and subsequent cold and flu season), Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, July 4th, and other peak retail holidays.

Plan Your In-Store Executions with Bay Cities

Bay Cities offers powerful partnerships for brands looking to position themselves for success in 2024 with the best in-store executions.

At Bay Cities, we offer a wide range of POP and POS display solutions, including the following:

We also specialize in packaging with expertise in everything from wine and retail packaging to ISTA-certified testing, sustainability, and food-safe packaging.

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In addition to working with you to articulate, customize, and build bespoke displays and packaging for your brand and products, our Bay Cities experts can offer actionable insights into key factors about how to be successful in retail with POP display and packaging, such as what makes a good retail display, how to make your packaging more attractive, and how to ensure that your products are adequately packaged and protected both during transportation and on store shelves.

One more reason to partner with us? Its state-of-the-art TAPA-certified and food-certified packout facility in Royal Bay. Thanks to a central location, cutting-edge technologies, and eco-friendly commitment, Bay Cities’ packout facility offers a strategic inside edge that ensures the utmost security and quality for your valuable products.

Our TAPA certification shows our commitment to securing your cargo in a world where cargo theft is a big concern. We work with global partners to prevent theft using real-time intelligence and advanced security measures. Meanwhile, our BRC certification guarantees that your products are stored and distributed safely, protecting them from issues like temperature problems, damage, and theft. 

These certifications are the foundation of our promise to ensure the safety, security, and quality of your products as they move through the supply chain. That's the edge we offer in the world of fulfillment services.

Your Retail Solution

Whether you’re looking for more general advice about using retail displays to address every stage of the buyer's journey or you’re seeking answers to specific questions such as how to use retail trains to promote your products or why POP displays are so effective, Bay Cities is your one-stop shop for everything you need to implement winning in-store executions in 2024.

To start guiding your company toward its goals in 2024 with a proactive and strategic approach to in-store executions, request a quote from Bay Cities today.

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