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Flair and Adaptation from our Production Team

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Flair and Adaptation from our Production Team

With a flair for the fast-paced, our solutions-driven Production team puts our clients first and executes the creation of our innovative packaging and POP displays through efficient processes. Once samples are approved, our clients’ projects move into production with the first stop being the watchful eyes of our Pre-Production team. They ensure cutting dies, print plates and tooling needed will arrive ready for when the order has been booked by our Customer Service team. By assessing the printing process, substrate and equipment needed, they make recommendations for high efficiency, quality and availability.

The Production team handles the delicate juggling act of scheduling each project to meet the client and retailer timelines as well as managing the production work load in our plant for Flexo printing, digital printing, label laminating, gluing and cutting. The minimum and maximum output of the machines such as the Bobst 8.20 Expertline or Emba are considered when deciding which to use for a project. The Bobst Expert can produce up to 24,000 brown boxes per hour. Some of the machines such as the Opplinger have a single-use such as Litho laminating. The coordination of projects from one machine process to another is handled by the diligent, tracking operators in the plant.

Whether they are planning the day in early morning meetings or seeing what operations are required for projects, the Production team works quickly and makes changes to progress and adapt. This balancing act of detailed scheduling, machine maintenance and mixed material management are all executed with the goal of the utmost in customer service. Negotiating, problem-solving and communication are the keys to producing the packaging and POP displays Bay Cities is proud to create.

Through the drive and determination of our Production team, Bay Cities delivers for our customers a turnkey, manufacturing solution for packaging and POP displays. Their outstanding and logical planning skills and supply chain knowledge make us stand out in the industry as an efficient producer of retail displays, retail packaging and brown boxes.

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