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Creative Services at Bay Cities

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Creative Services at Bay Cities

Bay Cities has expanded their offerings to now include a full menu of creative services for their clients. With an emphasis on working from concept to completion, expect a 360° approach to your campaign, starting with extensive market research from our trendspotters who stay up to date on retail trends to benefit your product’s success. With so many elements a part of the design and marketing process, producing the right retail display can be overwhelming on your own. And while your vision and outlook on this endeavor may be on the right track, the execution of your vision is just as important. This is where Bay Cities comes in to help.

We are a packaging and retail manufacturer and have a full-service team of in-house professionals who specialize in all aspects of the product lifecycle. We’re able to craft effective key messaging to propel your product in retail and stand apart from your competitors. Our 3D modeling, concept boards, sketches and white renderings show a fluid way of creative exploration. Once a concept is approved, we offer expanded 3D modeling including environmental and 360° video to visualize what your product packaging and retail displays will look like in-store. Additionally, our extensive experience working with major retailers like Costco, Target & Walmart makes for a seamless flow and transition to getting your product in front of potential consumers.  

With over 60 years in the industry, we are well versed in the ever-evolving retail space — meaning we have substantial intel on creative market research and extensive experience in designing and manufacturing. This experience has enabled us to bring the necessary creative direction and retail-focused mindset to the design process – increasing your chance of success in retail with your point of sale displays and packaging. What you might normally outsource to a design agency, can now stay fully in-house in addition to our custom production services. Whether you come to us with just a logo or a full set of brand assets, we’re able bring your project to life with strategic design knowledge and experience.


For example:

Scout Comics and Entertainment, a major comic book company that develops and publishes creator-owned comics (and also a repeat client of ours), reached out to produce an eye-catching floor display to showcase their newly released volumes in-store. While they provided a few of their own brand assets, we were able to really shine in the ideation and 3D modeling phases as well as creating additional graphic assets. With Scout Comic’s vision in mind, our team created a unique design influenced by vintage vending machines to be used as a major focal point in their shop for patrons to admire while browsing. Our 3D team created models to give them a detailed and accurate depiction of what customers would be viewing upon entrance.

Bay Cities’ customer-first approach combined with their years of experience helped Scout Comics and Entertainment bring their vision to reality to continue to cultivate a long-lasting relationship for past, present and future projects.

From creating the visual aspect of your product display to getting it manufactured and shipped using sustainable practices, you can trust that we have both you and the environment’s best interest at hand.

We’ll bring you along for the ride, providing a comprehensive scope of work from concept to completion so you can experience the full picture of what it means to bring a product to life on retail shelves.

To learn more about how our Creative Services program works and to start the process of elevating your brand, contact us today!

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