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Bay Cities Values Integrity

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Bay Cities Values Integrity


Our integrity leads the way! From how we help our customers through how we produce our POP displays, packaging and signage. Integrity is defined as having strong, upright morals and being honest. We are not motivated to do the right thing for our customers, our employees and our environment regardless of if anyone is aware of the extra steps or watching.

We own it is our mantra as an Employee-Owned company, and this ownership is at the base of our integrity that drives how we implement our offerings and services. Our Employee Owners strive to provide the best for our customers because they have an entrepreneurial mentality with pride and integrity at the core of what they do.

Whatever it Takes

As an Employee-Owned company, the commitment we have to the best service for our customers is the same way we treat our fellow employees. We go above and beyond with a “whatever it takes” attitude rooted in doing the responsible and sustainable thing for our customers, our planet and our company.

Our Structural Designers explain that, “we go the extra mile to ISTA test all of our pallet displays to be able to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their products will arrive or be displayed in pristine condition.”

They continue, “we want to make sure our clients’ products are structurally supported at all angles and arrive safely to the store.”

Communication is Key

Our Project Managers dive into how communication is key in keeping integrity.

“While we are proactive and always strive to set the client up for success, we ensure that we communicate the good and the bad with our customers. We take responsibility when necessary and provide resolutions.”

As our Pack Out Team says, “we own it and learn each and every day so that we can always give the customer the service they deserve.”

It takes courage to be persistent in your crusade to do the right thing and at Bay Cities, we have the integrity to persevere for our customers and the planet with all our practices.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog on Responsibility!

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