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Emergency at the Ports

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Emergency at the Ports

Wow! We just got news that there are now 100 ships parked outside of the Port of LA and Long Beach. This came from our local Channel 7 News (I will NOT fact check it). Surprisingly there are another 48 ships scheduled to arrive this Thursday. This is a complete boondoggle as far as politicians managing this complete shutter in supply chain management. Uncle Joe Biden worked with FedEx and UPS and several retailers to step up hours of work to help with the unclogging of the Ports of LA and Long Beach. While at the same time he summoned the Directors from both ports to work 24/7 to get the containers unloaded and out of the ports. Well, how’s that going?

Interestingly enough, our Secretary of Transportation, who just came off Paternity Leave since August, is now on the scene. Meaning, he is making media rounds effectively adding nothing to the relief of clogged ports and remember those rail yards no one is talking about? We need action not words. We need to get these containers out of these congested areas now, not months from now. This as everyone knows is a Christmas killer. We have known about these issues for months and nothing is getting done. Oh, I apologize we had a summit with the top leaders of our nation’s transportation experts and retailers last week knowing this issue was exploding all the way from the end of August. Yep, you heard it here first when my neighbor nailed me with his question on what we celebrated at the Ports this last August. That was 50 ships backed up. Of course, here we are doubling that number to 100 ships with no dock to land and another 48 ships coming in Thursday right behind these. I forgot to mention our governor of the Peoples’ Republic of California and all of his buddies are crying about offshore drilling because allegedly a container ship cracked a pipeline from an oil derrick in Huntington Beach. Oil spilled everywhere. Why? Because we don’t have drivers to pull containers out of the congested ports and railyards in America. If we could unclog the ports we wouldn’t have container ships parked in front of our wonderful beaches.

So, I am again asking all of you who read this stuff I write, to get your fingers working and write everyone you know in government and encourage them to bring in the US Armed Forces to relieve these issues with a very simple solution. Do your duty and let’s all help save Christmas.



Greg Tucker 

Chairman CEO

Topics: Packaging Industry, Logistics, Supply Chain

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