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Capturing Impulse Buys: 5 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas and Strategies

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Capturing Impulse Buys: 5 Retail Checkout Counter Ideas and Strategies

How many times have you grabbed one last item while standing in line at the checkout counter? While these actions may feel casual, catching consumers' attention and prompting them to buy something at that last moment involves a significant amount of strategy.

That’s where point-of-purchase (POP) merchandising displays come in. POP displays are often positioned at checkout counters, the perfect retail marketing tool to advertise products to shoppers who are ready to make a purchase.

All of which begs the question: is your counter display design helping you make the most of your marketing efforts? The following five tips and retail checkout counter ideas can help your brand get noticed and sales.

1. Consider the consumer

Optimizing your retail checkout display is about something other than highlighting the products you most want to sell. It’s about showcasing the products your consumers are most likely to buy.

Which of your products will appeal to your broadest target audience? If the items you display are only appropriate for a particular demographic, your sales will be inherently limited. Conversely, showing universally used or desirable products will maximize your sales potential.

Choosing affordable items is also critical when the goal is to prompt an impulse buy. After all, if the consumer has to stop to consider whether they can afford something, they’ve ventured out of "impulse" territory. They're also much less likely to follow through with the purchase.

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2. Embrace add-ons

Because of their compact size, counter displays are especially suitable for smaller and “add-on” items for larger or more expensive items sold elsewhere in the store. You will make more sales of things you know your customers are interested in and add more value to the buyer’s journey.

For example, let’s say it’s springtime, and your brand sells gardening supplies. While shoppers may find bigger equipment and tools in the store aisles, smaller items like seeds and pocket pruners will complement those items at checkout.

3. Update often

Today’s shoppers have a short attention span. Data scientists and media analysts assert that the average consumer attention span now hovers around eight seconds. The takeaway for marketers? What catches their attention today will be old news tomorrow — which is why it’s essential to update your counter display regularly.

On a related note, prioritizing seasonal and trending items is one way to ensure that your display is relevant, engaging, and enticing to shoppers. For example, displaying sunscreen and bug spray at the checkout will be much more successful in the summer, whereas wrapping paper, tape, and gift tags may be prevalent during the holidays.

4. Catch their eye

If you don’t catch your target audience's attention, your sales will be sluggish at best. POP displays need to stand out. Choose hues that “pop” to minimize the risk of your display being overlooked and passed by. Additionally, knowledge of color psychology can help you hone in on the hues that best support your messaging.

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One caveat regarding color? Bright shades are effective, but only if they’re consistent with the products you’re selling and with your brand identity. Plus, consistent and familiar branding can build consumer trust.

Enticing graphics and promotional signage can add to your POP display's eye- and attention-catching nature. Back up your enticing designs with Tobii Pro eye tracking to ensure shoppers see and follow your display to drive that impulse sale.

5. Keep it simple

A lot goes into creating effective retail checkout counter displays. Regardless of the complexities of your POP merchandising strategies, the experience should feel seamless for consumers. To that end, keep things as simple as possible.

If shoppers have to spend excessive time understanding what a product is and how they’d use it, the sale is already in jeopardy because it’s no longer an impulse buy.

At the same time, POP displays can be an excellent tool for educating consumers. One solution that lets you reap the best of both worlds? QR codes, which offer easy access to information without overwhelming them.

Point-of-purchase merchandising can go a long way when it comes to boosting your products while also elevating your brand in the eyes of shoppers. These five retail checkout counter ideas can help you position your POP display for success.

Bay Cities Packaging & Design can help position your POP display for success, regardless if you're a well known brand or just landed your first in-store display opportunity. Request a free quote today to supercharge your retail merchandising strategy with POP and POS displays.

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