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Advantages of Corrugated Pallet Displays in Retail Stores

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Advantages of Corrugated Pallet Displays in Retail Stores

Did you know that 60% of promotional displays aren’t executed correctly*? When those displays are correctly set up and stocked, sales increase by 193%! That’s huge.

That means creating the right display is crucial. One simple, visually stunning, and easily contained display is a pallet display. Pallet displays sit on a standard wooden pallet and offer brands a variety of benefits for their retail displays.

Types of Pallet Displays

There are four basic types of pallet displays, which are based on size:

  • Full Pallet: This display takes up the full space of the pallet (usually 48” x 40”). These are typically considered the most efficient and stable type of pallet display. They are often used in club stores and can create an impressive display.
  • Half Pallet: Half pallet displays only take up half the space of a pallet and can be used in tighter spaces or might be the better fit for showcasing a smaller product.
  • Quarter Pallet: A quarter pallet allows multiple products to be featured on the same pallet. These displays are often used by mass retailers and are ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Side Stack: The side stack pallet display offers easy-assembly trays that are ideal for lightweight products. The trays are created inside of a hutch that is easy to move.

Advantages of Pallet Displays for Brands

There are a number of reasons a corrugated pallet display is a good move for your product. Here are five examples of why they are so powerful.

Convenient Shipping

With a pallet display, you can ship products already stocked in the display for simplicity. This allows you to send a ready-to-go (or almost ready) display. When the shipments arrive, the retail staff will have minimal work to do to set up.

Easy Setup & Transport In Store

Not only is the setup easy for a pallet display, moving the display is also easy for staff since it’s situated on top of a pallet. Retail staff can easily transport the display from the loading dock, through the aisles, and to its final destination in the store via a pallet jack or forklift.

Versatile Designs

Another key feature of corrugated pallet displays is that they can be highly versatile for different product categories, and even accommodate more than one type of product on the display, depending on the program you have with your retailer. This means a pallet display could be used for electronics, food, beauty products, toys, office supplies, school supplies—you name it! You can design the display to hold the product in a way that works best for its size and weight.

You might not be limited to just one product either—if possible, feature multiple products that are in the same line, target the same consumer type, or visually pair well together for an easy promotion boost.

Eye-Catching Marketing Space

Displays should be designed to make consumers stop and look. A pallet display offers a focused marketing point that is certainly going to attract a lot of attention when done correctly. The best displays should be easy to read or recognize from 30 feet away. This means your display shouldn’t be crowded with graphics or words—it should be concise and eye-catching to communicate the goal of your display to shoppers.

The corrugated pallet display will provide opportunities for unique design elements as well. You can include cutout elements that rise above the sleeve or shelves of the product. You could also create interesting spaces by having unique marketing panels to frame your products. The lightweight, durable, printable, cuttable, and bendable nature of corrugate gives you plenty of options for unique design elements while adhering to your budget and your retailer’s style guide.

Accomplish Your Retail Goals

Pallet displays can help you reach a variety of different goals for your retail strategy. Because these displays merge marketing and shelved products into one, they’re great pieces for driving impulse buys or introducing a new product line. Of course, creating a design that catches shoppers’ attention will play an important role in meeting any retail goal your brand has.


With a great pallet display setup, you can successfully grow your retail sales. Gummy vitamin brand, SmartyPants, utilized pallet displays early on in their retail journey with Bay Cities and Costco, and have grown to be on shelves in over 50 retailers nationwide. Learn more about their epic retail journey in our case study:

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