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Maintaining a Safe Workplace

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Maintaining a Safe Workplace

Recently, especially in the State of California, COVID-19 related protocols are being lifted or relaxed, more businesses are reopening, and it is clear to see there is much more activity on the streets. Although many are lowering their guards, Bay Cities is intent on maintaining the protective shield that was created through all the administrative and engineering controls implemented throughout 2020 up until now. 


Bay Cities is continually on the lookout for innovative ways to guarantee that every employee is provided a safe and healthy workplace. We have newly acquired a UV disinfecting unit for daily overnight use that passively sanitizes large spaces reaching up to 1000 square feet without the need for constant supervision. Every surface that the light contacts is disinfected by the emitted UVC radiation, which effectively inactivates viruses and bacteria. The machine automatically shuts off after the time set on the timer is complete, and features motion detecting sensors, which will immediately power off the machine if any type of activity is detected protecting individuals from exposure to UV radiation. The unit is EPA approved and has undergone MicroChem USA lab testing proving to exterminate a plethora of various pathogens after contact with the UV light for a certain length of time. This new UV sanitizing device is used in combination with hospital-grade disinfectant to further ensure that we are maintaining a hygienic environment for all. 


It is a known fact that Bay Cities is not one to settle for the bare minimum. We endeavor to go beyond the basic local, state, and national business requirements, implementing measures that will be followed even after COVID-19 dwindles away. The year 2020 was definitely a learning curve for our business, but now that we have adapted and persevered through all the unexpected challenges, we can confidently say that we have developed a more proactive establishment. We have powered through and remained to be a reliable asset to our clients’ success without ever sacrificing our employees’ well-being or safety in the process. As time goes on, the Bay will continue equipping ourselves with advanced technology, more instruments and tools, and new methods to fortify the company. 

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