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The Complete Guide to Retail Ready Packaging

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The Complete Guide to Retail Ready Packaging

Efficiency is a critical objective of retailers. And when it comes to efficient packaging, one type promises unparalleled efficiency — along with a host of other benefits. We’re talking about retail ready packaging (RRP).

Also known as shelf-ready packaging, this versatile packaging type sees products from shipping to shelving with no additional materials or handling requirements.

Wondering whether retail ready packaging is right for your business? Here’s a closer look at RRP, its benefits, and how to start putting this innovative solution to work for your retail operation.

What is Retail Ready Packaging?

Conventional product packaging comprises several elements, including the primary packaging containing products and the secondary packaging used to protect the primary packaging during shipping. Retail ready packaging bridges the gap between the two by serving both purposes. It allows a product to go directly from transportation to display — with no need for additional packaging from the onset or unpacking once it reaches its destination. The container and the display unit are the same.

While the RRP concept has been around for nearly two decades, it’s on its way to becoming the retail norm thanks to its ease and efficiency. This is no better evidenced than by Walmart’s adoption of RRP.

One of many big box retailers to utilize RRP, the retail giant referred to the earliest incarnation of this packaging method as “PDQ,” aka “Pretty Darn Quick.” With speed as the priority for optimizing product sell-through, Walmart recognized RRP’s value in helping associates get the job done while enhancing the in-store customer experience.

Types of Retail Ready Packaging

There are many types of retail ready packaging, including:

  • Pre-filled shelf trays made of corrugated cardboard (During transit, a removable cover is used to enclose the unit)
  • Plastic trays which can be reused in the future, often being returned to the supplier for future shipments
  • Freestanding merchandising units, such as features and display units
  • Other pallet display types, such as end caps, sidekicks, and stacking trays and bins

4 Benefits of Retail Ready Packaging

1. Ease of use

RRP solutions are engineered for easy and fast identification and opening during stocking. This is especially useful for mass and grocery merchants looking to reduce placement errors. Because strength and durability are design imperatives with RRP, the appearance, integrity, and quality of products are preserved during transport.

The best part? The same attributes that make RRP better for retailers also make it better for customers.

2. Cost savings (and safer employees)

Faster and easier stocking means lower labor hours for bottom-line-minded retailers. (This is especially compelling considering that approximately 25% of a retailer’s costs pertain to finding products in stock, shelving products, disposing of packaging waste, and other labor-related tasks.)

By eliminating the need for potentially dangerous knives, blades, and other tools, businesses also reduce their liability while safeguarding the health and wellness of employees. Not to mention the fact that at this time of high turnover and job vacancy rates, RRP has the potential to support a better work environment and higher morale for employees.

3. Lower environmental impact

RRP is inherently purposeful. Because it factors shipping into the display design, the packaging is kept to a minimum. Less packaging means less waste, cost savings on things like warehouse space and freight, and a smaller carbon footprint for your business.

Plus, commonly used RRP corrugated cardboard is highly recyclable — a win-win-win for companies, consumers, and the planet.

4. Built-in marketing opportunities

When you incorporate branding into your RRP design, you turn your packaging into a powerful marketing tool. The result? Improved brand recognition, a better customer experience, and more sales.

Get Started with Retail Ready Packaging

In today’s intensely competitive retail market, survival relies on a solid brand-customer connection. Ultimately, RRP nurtures this direct and indirect connection across everything from greater shelf appeal to more sustainable practices.

If your brand isn’t using retail ready packaging yet, there’s no better time to consider how this innovative packaging solution can help you simplify and streamline your packaging strategy. Bringing more than 60 years of packaging and display expertise to the table, Bay Cities Packaging & Design is eager to help.

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