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Essential Strategies in Production

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Essential Strategies in Production

Bay Cities’ triumphs despite any given challenge and that is due to the immense efforts of all our departments. The start of 2021 presented many challenges for the Production department, that was inclusive of, but not limited to: personnel absence, attaining material, plant space limitations, and staffing challenges.

As COVID-19 continued to bring havoc, Production faced a drastic absence of personnel totaling up to 20 employees out amongst two shifts while the needs of our clients were still at an all-time high. We are happy to be able to say that only 1 infection happened at our plant in the early days of the pandemic back in March, now almost a year ago. The other infections occurred during our employees’ personal time. The Production team applied simple yet effective efforts to ensure the well-being of all employees. From separating lunches and breaks, to the avoidance of shift overlaps, and the installation of sanitizer dispensers, our commitment to a clean and safe environment is second to none.

Furthermore, our efforts to combat the pesky COVID-19 virus did not stop there. The collaboration between Production and Human Resources was vital for a safe and effective execution of two on-site testing sessions within the last month. Additionally, we joined forces with maintenance to modify our tailgate meeting area. We painted bright yellow lines with six feet of separation and posted clear signage throughout our Plant. These implementations allow us to continually adhere with the regulations set forth due to this pandemic.

Thankfully, the landscape of business for the start of 2021 at the Bay was distinct as we experienced an upsurge of several million square feet relative to 2020. With a double-digit percentage increase in million square feet in 2021, this is a prime example of our immense dedication and effort. Alongside the many new internal procedures and modifications, the trucking industry, our corrugator, and staffing agencies confronted adversities too. Therefore, we shifted our strategy while remaining sensitive to the market, strategically introduced a new trucking partner, added new talent, and revamped procedures in our Shipping Department.

As a result, we cleverly staged countless pallets that traveled off our unitizer. We optimized the space amongst two warehouse locations and our trailer inventory. The formation of an excel based dispatch spreadsheet assisted all key stakeholders’ to continuously communicate live updates on trailers locations and status. These strategies are essential and will maintain the heart of the Bay, while we are pumping millions of square feet to reach our number one priority – our clients.

In all, the Bay continues to stand firmly. We are thankful for the ongoing business opportunities our Plant receives. Through these trying times we will continue to work incessantly through the precipitous changes this pesky virus presents. It grants us an opportunity to confront whatever obstacle curiously and innovatively. Our commitment to a safe and clean environment is unending as is our responsibility to our clients.


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