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Flair and Flexibility from our Digital Production Team

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Flair and Flexibility from our Digital Production Team

With a  flair for efficiency, our Digital Production Team strives for excellence and speed in executing unique packaging, POP displays and signage for our customers. From running large quantities of displays to cutting custom packaging, this savvy team utilizes their knowledge of the digital machinery and different color processes to produce stunning packaging and POP displays. The Digital Operators work with the Sales Team, Customer Service Team and our Graphic Designers to ensure art is produced beautifully and on time for our customer’s projects.

While our plant Production Team must manage the availability of tooling, cutting dies and print plates, our Digital Team does not need tooling or print plates. They can process projects on the fly with a more flexible schedule due to the functionality of our digital printers. Digital printing requires minimal set up to run packaging, POP displays and signage. Projects approved the previous day are scheduled to run the next morning. Our Digital Operators will manufacture mockups and samples to provide to the Customer Service and Sales Teams for changes or client approval. Each project is checked for quality throughout its run on the digital printer. Whether it is five POP retail displays or 1,000 subscription boxes, our Digital Operators will do inspections at regular intervals to ensure the color is properly printing onto the substrate. This resourceful team will provide feedback and collaborate with our art department to see how to best create the art on our customers’ packaging, POP displays and signage.

The speed-to-market of digital printing provides our Digital Production Team with the flexibility to process samples quickly or change quantities and art as needed. Since everything is done by the click of a button, digital printing can be limitless with the possibilities for our customers.

At Bay Cities, we are expanding our digital printing capabilities to meet the needs and demands of our customers. Our expert Digital Production Team is integral to continuing to efficiently and ingeniously manufacture innovative packaging and POP displays for our customers.

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