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Creating Personalized Subscription Boxes for a Delightful Unboxing Experience

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Creating Personalized Subscription Boxes for a Delightful Unboxing Experience

Every month, you gear up to deliver another delightful unboxing experience to your subscribers. The unboxing experience you want for your customers is akin to a surprise birthday gift arriving on their doorsteps. You’ve carefully selected the items for this month’s curated subscription box and your customers are excited to receive their subscription box filled with their custom product selections. With product selections based on their specific interests, you know they won’t be able to wait to rip open the package.

To provide a wholly engaging and thrilling unboxing experience, you are looking for a personal touch and to feature specific, unique art or the customer’s name on the box. But how can you produce the same size subscription box with different art and/or customer names packed out with the correct products heading to the right doorsteps on time? Variable digital data printing offers the ability to personalize with different customer names or art in the same print run. Digital printing allows personal touches and brand messaging on each box, inside and outside. Bringing your brand to life and personalizing it for each of your customers is now a great way to stand out in the fast-growing subscription industry that relies heavily on the viral social media effect of shared unboxing experiences.

Personalization with Digital Printing

These customized subscription box runs can be smaller quantities. Digital printing offers small batch runs from the low tens to the high thousands and these boxes can be produced in a few days before you need them.

Digital printing is also the solution if you need each box to have a unique code. The code can be printed right on the box, without the need to add a separate label after printing has been completed.

The structure of the subscription box can change each month. Die lines can be created for each box to custom fit the specific products for that month. Sticking to one box size or shape is not necessary and would allow for more custom product selection for your customers, especially for limited products and product launches. Not only does this create a more custom experience for subscribers, but it is more economical to ship smaller boxes for limited-time or gift subscriptions.

The Final Product

Don’t forget about testing your subscription boxes for shipment failures to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. Simulating the shocks and falls that boxes are susceptible to during transit ascertains that the packages will get to customers as they are supposed to. Over 30% of goods are returned due to failing packaging and you definitely don’t want that to happen to your box.

Customized subscription boxes create a personal, exciting unboxing experience that is meant to be shared and will lead to more brand recognition and a positive emotional association with that brand.



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